Non-Employee Travel

Accounts to Use for Non-Employee Travel

The Chancellor’s Office provided clarification that only employee travel should be coded to campus travel accounts (606XXX).  In instances where non-employees are traveling to campus to provide a service or as part of the recruitment process, their travel expenses should be coded to the same account as their primary purpose for coming to campus.

Examples of non-employee activity that frequently include a travel component include:

  • Guest lecturers (account 613850)
  • Independent contractors/service providers (account 613001)
  • Training/professional development (account 660009)
  • Employee recruitment and relocation expenses (account 660042)

Options for Processing Non-Employee Travel

Preferred Option: Flat Fee Contract

  • A flat fee contract that covers all costs associated with bringing an individual to campus, including travel. 
  • Requisition/Purchase Order (PO) is created for the full contract amount, including terms and conditions. Create a Requisition: Quick Reference Guide)
  • This option does not require a travel authorization, travel claim, reimbursement forms and/or itemized receipts, because travel costs have already been included in the flat fee.
  • All travel costs are the responsibility of the individual coming to campus.
  • Travel expenses do not need to comply with the CSU travel policy.
  • Contract is paid once the service has been rendered.
    • In the event that an advance is needed for a portion of the Purchase Order, two separate lines should be entered on the purchase order: one line for the advance amount and one line for the remaining balance.  In notes section, please reference which line is the advance.  Backup should be provided referencing the need for the advance so Purchasing can notify AP to pay the advance.  An example of appropriate backup would be a copy of the invoice or authorizing email, referencing X% or $X due upfront and the remaining balance due upon completion.
  • In lieu of a Purchase Order, a Payment Request Form may be used for any low risk service providers under $5,000 (i.e. guest lecturer, trainer, referee).

Alternate Option: Reimburse Actual Travel Costs Incurred

  • This option reimburses the individual coming to campus for actual costs incurred traveling to campus, including lodging.
  • Individual should use the Payment Request Form and select the appropriate option based on the type of activity, along with a Travel Expense Claim for travel related reimbursements. The completed forms should be submitted to Accounts Payable for processing.  The travel reimbursement process is the same as employee travel, except for the account number used.
    • Must submit a Travel Expense Claim with itemized receipts.  **Please note the appropriate account to use in the Remarks/Details box on the Travel Expense Claim form.
    • Must adhere to the HSU/CSU Travel Policy.