Event Resources for Students

All student events have to be vetted by the Clubs & Activities Office. The Clubs & Activities Office staff will be happy to answer your questions in person (office is located in the University Center room 227), by email at clubs@humboldt.edu, or by phone at (707) 826-3776.

Clubs must submit their event application (including space reservation) via OrgSync.You can read about planning your event here. Please also explore the various HSU resources available to you as well as regulations you must follow listed below.


Anyone wishing to serve or consume alcohol on campus must have prior approval. The approval process ensures that the appropriate conditions and mechanisms are in place in order for this activity to take place in alignment with University policy.


Humboldt State University has two policies regarding animals on campus, each of them tailored to a specific group. These policies are as follows:
P17-09 Animals on Campus Policy – Employees
P17-09 Animals on Campus Policy – Student, Campus Residents and Visitors

Cash Handling

Are you selling tickets to your event? Are you selling concessions or refreshments? Are you planning an auction or a raffle? If you anticipate handling cash during your event review the Special Event Cash Handling Procedures.

Disability Accommodations

Event organizers are responsible for making arrangements for event participants who have disabilities. While some accommodations can be made on the fly, others, such as interpreters or captioning, may take time and/or require specialized equipment.

Emergency Services

University Police Department
IT equipment services
Custodial and facility-related services
Emergency procedures


If you are hosting an event on campus then you will most likely need support from Facilities Management - Need extra tables or chairs? Extra trash or recycling bins? Restroom Servicing? We request a Customer Service Request along with a completed Facilities Event Information Form be submitted at least 14 business days before the event date. Please visit our web page for more info: https://facilitymgmt.humboldt.edu/events-support


If your event is open to public (any student/staff/faculty from the campus and/or community members from off-campus can attend it) and food is going to be served, there are a few options for where to order the food!


Per the Humboldt State University Advancement Fundraising Event Guidelines:

"Fundraising events are those activities where the objective is to produce a net financial return for the benefit of a program of Humboldt State University.

Green Events and/or Zero Waste Events

HSU is committed to zero waste, a strategy that takes a ‘whole systems’ approach to eliminate the volume and toxicity of waste going to the landfill. Zero waste encourages source reduction, materials re-use, composting and recycling.

Hospitality Policy

Hospitality expenses must be directly related to, or associated with, the active conduct of official HSU business.

Internet and WiFi

HSU students and employees can connect their private and HSU laptops and smartphones to a free and secure wireless network called eduroam anywhere on campus by using their HSU user name and password.


HSU has a wide range of smart classrooms, computer labs, conference rooms, athletic facilities, performance spaces, and outdoor fields for your event!

Other Considerations

Streets around HSU campus (LK Wood Blvd, 14th Street, Union Street) and Redwood Park are the property of the City of Arcata. Their use for any event requires an application with City of Arcata. Visit City of Arcata Special Events website to obtain the appropriate event application.


Parking and Meter regulations are in effect every week throughout the year regardless of breaks in instruction. This includes permit and meter requirements between sessions, Fall and Spring breaks, and Winter Recess.


There are many ways promote and publicize your event on and off campus. You can submit information about your event to campus digital services, create posters and fliers, utilize the campus radio stations and the student newspaper, just to name a few.


"All California State University campuses are 100% Smoke Free and Tobacco Free. Smoking, the use or sale of tobacco products, and the use of designated smoking areas are prohibited on all California State University properties." EO 1108


In order to provide services to HSU, vendors must provide insurance and endorsements issued by an insurance company with AM Best rating of A:VII or higher or provided through partial or total self-insurance acceptable to HSU.