F.A.Q. (Travel)

What are the state airfare rate types and the benefits?

  • YCAL fares are fully-refundable unrestricted airfares that offer last seat availability and are for travel in either direction of the city pair.
  • Capacity Controlled (VCAL) fares are restricted meaning that airlines set aside a limited number of seats on each flight for State of California. These airfares are also fully refundable and are for travel in either direction of the city pair. These fares are less expensive than the unrestricted YCAL fares. Capacity Controlled fares are typically available when a traveler is able to make travel arrangements early.

The benefits are basically the same aside from the more significant cost savings of using the Capacity Controlled fare. Anytime you can use a contracted fare (YCAL or VCAL) you will receive the same benefit of cost savings with the most flexibility for change without fees.

When there is not a contracted YCAL or VCAL rate available, the traveler has the option of booking a refundable or non-refundable fare. While booking a refundable fare can be significantly more expensive, it offers flexibility in case the travel is cancelled or needs to be changed. If travel is cancelled, the ticket cost is returned to the original form of payment. When booking a non-refundable fare, the fare is typically significantly less expensive but if the travel is cancelled or needs to be changed, most airlines charge a $200 change fee to make an adjustment. The only airline that does not impose change fees is Southwest Airlines. If YCAL or VCAL fares are not available, we recommend using the non-refundable fare at times when the travel date and time is certain and there is very little chance of it being cancelled. 

How do I pay for Golden Gate toll charges?

As of 3/27/13, Golden Gate Bridge tolls are only collecting electronic toll payments. You will either need FasTrak or a picture of the car license plate will be snapped and driver will be billed for the toll charges. There will also be touch-screen kiosks open in the Bay area for drivers to pre-pay tolls.

  • For Enterprise rentals from Arcata/Eureka branch: Enterprise will either charge the credit card that is associated with that rental or send an invoice to the campus after they receive the toll charge, plus a $3.95 surcharge per toll (unless renter uses their own FasTrak).
  • For Enterprise rentals from San Francisco: Vehicles are already equiped with FasTrak and tolls will be charged to the credit card associated with that rental, plus a $3.95 surcharge per toll (unless renter uses their own FasTrak).
  • More information regarding FasTrak is available on their website. To avoid the $3.95 surcharge from Enterprise (or surcharge from other car rental agency), you can make a one-time toll payment either before or up to two days after crossing the Golden Gate bridge. Refer to the FasTrak website for more information and for ways to pay