How to Plan an Event

HSU Event Planning Guide

The HSU Event Planning Guide is a tool that can be used for planning a team meeting, online event or large conference. Follow the instructions on How to Use the HSU Event Planning Guide to use the tool and begin planning your event.

Download the HSU Event Planning Guide HERE

Event Planning Professional Development

Online Classes:
  • Administrative Support: Developing Your Essential Skills (requires Skillport login) As an administrative support professional, every task you complete successfully leaves a positive impression of not only yourself but of your manager – and often, of an entire team or department. The ability to support your manager and team effectively and professionally is essential to both your own and your manager's success. The following modules pertain to event planning:
    • Planning a Businees Trip (3 minutes)
    • Effectively Planning Business Meetings (4 minutes)
    • Recording a Meeting (3 minutes)
  • Planning Meetings Fit for Purpose (requires Skillport login) Have you ever sat through a meeting that you felt was a waste of your time? Maybe the meeting wasn't relevant to you or it was just poorly run. This course outlines a process for preparing for effective meetings. The next time you need to prepare a meeting, the methods introduced in this course will help you make the most of your and your participants' valuable time.
Online Books: