International Travel

Please note: All International Travel, including $0 travel, must go through Concur (unless SPF) for insurance reasons. Be sure to refer to the CSU Travel Policy for complete rules and guidelines.

International Travel (Concur: All Stateside Funded Business, Including $0 Travel)

All International Travel must be requested at least 40 days prior to travel. If this timeframe is not met, please email Failure to follow these steps and have the proper approvals in Concur may result in the traveler being personally liable for expenses.

  1. Make sure the traveler has a State Travel Card.  
  2. The traveler will receive the signed form via email once it is approved.
  3. Attend a Concur training session (if you have not yet) and reference the International Travel Guide.
  4. If traveler is a student, and will be incurring out of pocket expenses that will need to be reimbursed, the student must fill out the 204 Payee Data Record Form. Once the form is completed, email to alert the Travel Office so the student will be added into Concur. The Non-Employee Guide lists out the steps for student travel reimbursements.
  5. Use Concur to create your trip request.
  6. Attach the approved International Travel Form from International Programs along with any itinerary information in Concur.
  7. Submit your trip request through Concur.
  8. Upon approval, book your trip.
  9. While you travel, use your State Travel Card (if applicable).
  10. When you return, verify transactions and submit your expense report.

International Travel (DocuSign Method: SPF Only)

  1. Please review the CSURMA High Hazardous Country List and the US Department of State - Alerts and Warnings website to determine if the country you intend to travel to has a current travel warning restriction (lists are subject to change at any time). If you have a question regarding a specific location, contact Leslie Anderson at or the International Programs office at
  2. If your travel is funded by SPF grants/contracts, complete the DocuSign PowerForm HMSPF International Travel Authorization to obtain approval PRIOR to traveling. SPF Travelers should submit this form at least 30 days prior to travel.
  3. If you have any questions while completing this form, please reach out to your Post-Award Grant Analyst.
  4. Once completed, Humboldt SPF will contact the traveler to arrange travel insurance through CSUAORMA/Alliant.

What to do before you travel

What to do while you travel

  • Be aware of reimbursement rules. (Refer to the CSU Travel Policy.) Also refer to the Humboldt Exception to the CSU Travel Policy for additional information specific to Humboldt Campus.
  • Keep your itemized receipts (any reimburseable item costing $75 or more) as well as airline boarding passes (as proof of travel).

What to do after completion of travel

Tips for ensuring timely processing of your Travel Expense Claim

  • Documentation for airfare charges should contain proof of payment. Keep your boarding pass to attach to your travel expense claim, as this is proof of travel.
  • Attach a screen print showing the allowable per diem rate for lodging, meals and incidentals applicable to the country and dates of travel.
  • Any other reimburseable expense costing $75.00 or more requires an itemized original receipt. Indicate the US exchange rate on each receipt.
  • Although you are not required to submit receipts for charges under $75.00, it is highly recommended that you keep all travel-related receipts. If in doubt, keep your receipts.
  • All Travel Expense Claims must contain an approval signature.
  • If you lost your receipt (or was not provided one), use the Lost Receipt Memo and attach with your claim.
  • An approved Request for Authorization to Travel form should have already been submitted to SBS 345 prior to travel. Indicate the Travel Authorization number on the Travel Expense Claim for easier reference.
  • Keep a "copy" of your Travel Expense Claim (and supporting documents) for your records.

International Travel - Insurance Requirement

10/27/14 memo from the Chancellor's office: High Hazard International Travel Approval Process and Requirement to Purchase Insurance.

Campuses are advised to check the U.S. State Department website and Systemwide Risk Management's website for the most current high hazard international travel warning information. (Both lists are subject to change.)

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