Student Travel

Club Travel:

Travel related to Student Clubs and Student Organizations must adhere to the policies and procedures outlined here. Questions about the Clubs travel process can be directed to the Clubs & Organizations office at


Non Club Travel:

If an employee of the university will be taking students on travel (includes but not limited to conferences, field trips, research, etc), all of the steps listed below need to be completed:


  •  Release of Liability Waiver from each student traveling. The department will keep signed forms.

  • If International Travel, follow steps on this page.

  • Enter Request in Concur if using CMP, ASB, or ADV funds.

  • Any drivers on state business must be approved by the University as a driver unless stated in the employee's job description. Any students or employees needing to become approved drivers for the University must first complete the Volunteer Form and mark that they will be driving. This will trigger HR to send a link to the driver to complete the DMV check as well as the defensive driver training. 

  • If driving a personal vehicle on state business the driver must provide proof of their insurance to HR to add to their file.

  • At least 24 hours prior to travel, email UPD ( and Risk Management ( a roster of everyone going, the destination, dates/times of travel, and point of contact with phone number (ex: faculty member supervising)(This is the Field Trip form provided by your college).

  • Lead employee traveling must have a Safety Plan that includes nearest hospital, emergency contact info, and appropriate equipment (ex: AED, first aid, satellite communication device, etc) for all those participating. For assessment of needed equipment, or assistance, email Risk Management.

  • If an emergency occurs while traveling, immediately contact UPD (707-826-5555).

  • Submit an Expense Report in Concur after travel is complete to reconcile credit card transactions/initiate reimbursement if using CMP, ASB, or ADV funds. 

  • If students will be incurring their own out of pocket expenses, utilize the Non-Employee Guide link to initiate reimbursement through Concur.