Operations During COVID-19 Campus Closure 

The Travel department will be monitoring incoming emails from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday at For assistance, please call (707) 826-3512 from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday 


This site contains procedures for requesting travel authorization, booking travel and what to do after completion of travel. To access these procedures, please click on the Travel dropdown menu in the green bar above. Please refer to the CSU Travel Policy for more information.

Travel Expenses Related to Covid-19

Please see this guide regarding Cancelling travel in Concur due to Covid-19.  If you have received a travel voucher instead of a credit on your card, please contact Kearney Vander Sal at

FAQs for Travel Restrictions

1.  Who will determine if travel is essential?

Each division Vice President or their delegates will be required to approve all travel for faculty and staff within their area.

2.  What is "essential travel?"

Examples of essential travel include:

  • travel required to obtain or maintain grant funding;
  • travel required to fulfill requirements for faculty promotion and tenure as well as lecturer steps;
  • travel required to attend CSU systemwide meetings that require in-person attendance;
  • travel associated with fundraising;
  • travel associated with student recruitment activities;
  • travel associated with scheduled intercollegiate athletics activities;
  • travel associated with scheduled club sport activities;
  • travel associated with student research and experiential learning activities related to teaching and learning;
  • travel related to compliance with a law or regulation.

General conference attendance is considered non-essential travel and will not be approved.

3.  Who is affected?

All University faculty and staff traveling on any university funding source (excludes auxiliaries).

4.  Is the restriction for out-of-state travel only?

No, the restriction is for in-state, out-of-state, and international travel.

5.  What if the travel is mostly paid for by an outside organization, would that be allowed?

If any costs associated with travel, including travel insurance, are to be paid by the university, the trip falls under this travel restriction. 

6.  May I travel to get continuing education credits to maintain credentials or certifications for my job?

Obtaining continuing education credits will be an important consideration by the authorized officers in their determination if the travel is essential. Their determination will likely depend on whether such credits are available on-line.

7.  How will new travel approvals be accommodated through Concur Travel?

Before entering the travel authorization into Concur, traveler should contact the respective authorized officer to determine if the travel will be approved.

8.  What if I previously had my travel approved by my supervisor?

The travel must be re-approved considering these new restrictions and FAQ.

9.  Do these restrictions apply to student travel?

Generally, yes.  Determinations on whether student or group travel is essential will be made by the appropriate Vice President or their delegates. 

10.   Do these restrictions apply to study abroad programs?

Determinations on whether study abroad programs are impacted will be made separately.

Those traveling outside the county must abide by quarantine requirements. Specific questions about this travel guidance and restriction should be addressed to your immediate supervisor and/or college dean or divisional vice president.  


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