If the Vendor/Supplier Already Exists: 

Enter appropriate vendor information into the Requisition or Payment Request Form as requested.

If You Cannot Find the Vendor/Supplier:

  • If creating a Requisition and the vendor cannot be found, Procurement will work with the requisitioner to get the vendor into the system
  • If not paying via ProCard, submit the completed Payment Request Form to Accounts Payable along with a completed Payee Data Record Form Std. 204

Regarding the 204 Payee Data Form:

  • Email is not a secure means of submitting a 204 if the Vendor uses their SSN for tax purposes.  Any 204 with a SSN can only be submitted through campus mail, US mail to Accounts Payable, or faxed to (707) 826-3312.

  • If a Vendor has a Tax ID number or FEIN, they can also submit their signed 204 to

  • 204s must be completely filled out including all applicable check boxes in areas 3 and 4.  Forms without sole proprietor/corporation status and California residency status cannot be added into the system for payment.