If You Cannot Find the Vendor/Supplier:

  • If creating a Requisition and the vendor cannot be found, Procurement will work with the requisitioner to get the vendor into the system
  • If not paying via ProCard, submit the completed Payment Request Form to Accounts Payable along with a completed Payee Data Record Form Std. 204

Adding & Paying Foreign Vendors

*Please note Canadian vendors must complete the regular 204 form (not foreign). They may only be paid by Check as ACH is not possible.

Email is not a secure means of submitting a 204 if the Vendor uses their SSN for tax purposes. Due to sensitive information, please only use the secure link to submit the 204If there is no Tax ID with a personal name, or other forms of international identification in combination with a personal name, the forms can be emailed to

Please DO NOT include 204s as attachments when submitting payment requests in CSU Buy. Accounts Payable receives these securely and they are filed separately outside of CSU Buy.

Submission Process

1.      Have vendor submit the Foreign Vendor 204 form (Adobe Sign) to

2.      Email W-8 BEN (Instructions for (or W-8BEN-E) to

a. (For Individuals) The Form W-8 BEN (Instructions for Form W-8 BEN) is a Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding and Reporting. This is an IRS mandated form to collect correct Nonresident Alien taxpayer information for individuals for reporting purposes and to document their status for tax reporting purpose. The form establishes that the individual is both a foreign person and the owner of the business.

b. (For Entities) OR, the Form W-8BEN-E (Instructions for Form W-8BEN-E), which should be used by foreign entities to document their status for purpose of chapter 3 and chapter 4, as well as other code provisions. This form should be used if being filled out by a foreign entity, not individuals.

3.      Email in this order, as a single PDF document to

a. International Wire Request Form (must be signed by someone with delegated fiscal authority)

b. Supporting Documentation