It is the policy of the California State University (CSU) that hospitality expenses may be paid to the extent that such expenses are necessary, appropriate to the occasion, reasonable in amount and serve a purpose consistent with the mission and fiduciary responsibilities of the CSU. This policy applies to activities that promote the CSU to the public and the provision of hospitality in connection with official CSU business and specifies the university and auxiliary funds that may be used for such purposes. Each campus and its auxiliaries are required to develop written procedures, consistent with this policy, regarding the payment of ordinary and necessary hospitality expenses. Account 660805 (Hospitality) should be used for all hospitality expenses.

This policy governs the manner and extent to which the CSU and its auxiliary organizations  (auxiliaries) may provide hospitality to employees, students, donors, guests, visitors, volunteers, and other individuals as part of a business meeting; recreational, sporting or entertainment event; or other occasion that promotes the mission of the CSU. The policy also addresses meals served to employees as part of a morale-building function and meals provided to prospective students and employees. 

This policy governs the appropriate use of state, auxiliary organization, sponsored program administration, private-purpose trust and agency funds unless legally exempted or otherwise restricted; e.g. documented fund agreements.  The CSU and its auxiliaries will comply with additional restrictions when established by funding sources.

* In situations where there are discrepancies between the Hospitality matrix (below) and ICSUAM, the matrix will prevail.

Allowable Funding Sources for Hospitality Expenses Operating Fund (HMXXX) Other Trusts
Alcoholic Beverages, including tax, gratuity and service charges No Yes
Bereavement Gift Expenditures - flowers, plants or cards for students, employees or former employees No Yes
Commencement Exercises Yes Yes
Employee Awards and Service Recognition Gifts Yes Yes
Employee Meetings and Recognition Events attended ONLY by employees of the same work location (campus) Yes Yes
Employee Social Events (birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or baby showers) No No
Entertainment Services No Yes
Gifts (Gift cards and equivalents to employees are taxable and must not exceed $200 per calendar year without VP approval) No Yes
Graduation Stoles/Cords/Sashes No Yes
Interview/Recruitment/Official Guest Expenses - Meals, Airfare, Lodging and Car Rental Yes Yes
Light refreshments such as coffee, tea, soda, candy, etc., if available to the public Yes Yes
Meals purchases during meeting with University Donors for Donors Cultivation Yes Yes
Meals purchased for meetings with Official Guests Yes Yes
Memberships in Social Organizations No Yes
Promotional Items for Non-Employees (use of any Humboldt logos and wordmarks require Marcom approval) Yes Yes
Retirement Celebrations (includes Farewells with 5+ years of service). Operating Fund okay with Official Guests attending. Yes Yes
Spouses and Domestic Partners hospitality expense with bona fide business purpose Yes Yes
Student Meetings and Recognition Events Yes Yes
Tobacco Products No No

Note: If student fees were collected with the specific purpose of providing food/refreshments for that particular course, this would be considered Supplies (660003), rather than Hospitality.

Policy Title: Hospitality